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To prepare for your first colonic irrigation, you should drink sufficient water each day to hydrate the contents of your colon, assuring they will be more likely to 'release' once the session is underway. (Typically, at least 1 quart of water;  (other liquids don't count here) - to drink per day.) Remember that coffee, refined sugar, sodas and other items are very dehydrating and should be avoided. (Inform yourself.) Also, eating 2 apples, or 2 stalks of celery each day before your session, is more likely to insure that your colonic contents will be substantially hydrated. The contents of a dehydrated colon take much longer to release. All that having been said, it is best to stop hydrating 1 hour before your scheduled colonic. A full bladder impedes progress of colonic irrigation, and is less than comfortable during abdominal massage.  Effects of dehydration -
The actual prep for CHT has taken place over your lifetime, and the condition you currently find yourself in, reflects all that.  If you have decided to live an intentional, health promoting lifestyle, CHT is perhaps the fastest way to segue into that change. Not only will CHT hydrate tissue that benefits from added liquid, (our bodies are roughly 66% fluid, and that decreases incrementally with each year; so putting some back is beneficial, unless you are a CHF patient), it will also provide the only approach available that 'washes' the haustra, (folds) of the colon, removing bits of fecal material that can become lodged, causing the beginnings of diverticulosis. See endorsement by Board Certified MD-



Because roughly 60% of people who come to the Health Lyceum have underlying fungal issues, we ask everyone to peruse this questionnaire, and answer it if there seems to be a connection between your symptoms and the info mentioned:


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