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Most people are looking for cures to what ails them, and physicians are prepared to prescribe a pill for every malady.  Instead of searching for ‘cures’, wouldn’t it be better to stop building disease?  The "remedy mentality" is going to bankrupt America, both financially and physiologically.  The basic recipe for eliminating disease, in 80% of the cases, is quite simple: stop poisoning the system; provide mega nutrition and adequate hydration; secure adequate rest; and employ detoxing modalities as indicated.  When these conditions are supplied, the body strives to heal itself. It will always act in its own best interest.

There was a time when American doctors reviewed patients’ symptoms and then began to investigate what might be the cause of those symptoms.  Before drug companies came on the scene and began funding medical schools, doctors helped remove ‘causes’ more, and wrote prescriptions less.  If a patient leaves a doctor’s office today without a prescription, s/he almost feels cheated. And if a doctor doesn't prescribe meds, s/he can lose his/her license for not practicing within the accepted standard of care.  No doubt, many doctors must feel quite compromised these days.

Have we all been brainwashed?  Let’s look at a healthy person.  What makes us say that that person is healthy?  They have no ‘symptoms’ of illness.  But, what actually are symptoms?  Are they the disease itself, or are they the body’s effort to communicate to us that something is wrong? 

Most contemporary doctors prescribe drugs to eliminate the symptoms that bother people.  But does that make the person healthy?  Eliminating symptoms does not take away what was causing the symptoms.  It's almost like putting duct tape over the warning lights on your dashboard;  if you can't see them, they might not bother you as much.  All causes have effects and results. True healing is an art that has been  lost by most mainstream practitioners today, and true healing is something that the body initiates when it is supplied with all the raw materials it needs.  These include, but are not limited to: superior nutrition, clean water, fresh air, sunshine, peace of mind, adequate rest and sleep,  elimination of environmental  poisons, and high functioning, or at least adequate waste removal processes. ( Especially fecal and lymphatic.)    

If we look at the physiology, (functioning), of the body, we see that the basic life process carried on by each cell is ‘metabolism’.  This process consists of two components: anabolism, (building up new cells), and catabolism, (breaking down, or digesting old, spent cells.)  There are many reasons why the process of metabolism might ‘go haywire’, or become inefficient.  The two major reasons are these:  1. Inadequate rest/sleep; increased stress, worry, or fear, and, 2. Improper nutrition/ dehydration.  NEVER underestimate the  powerful effects that STRESS and lack of sleep have on the body.   They can negate the beneficial effects of superior nutrition.

When metabolism becomes less than optimal, each cell can begin to become congested, unable to process and eliminate its own waste products. (Each cell is like a factory: it needs to respire, receive nourishment, and eliminate waste material, among other functions.) This collectively, and systemically, becomes toxemia.  Hence, the body loses its self-protecting power.  The following is what happens if ‘toxemia’ is not corrected-

“The Health/Disease Continuum”:

  1. Excellent Health
  2. Enervation (Decreased nerve energy)-Exhaustion
  3. Cellular Irritation (Acute inflammation)
  4. Cellular Inflammation (Chronic inflammation)
  5. Necrosis (Ulceration; death of cells)
  6. Fibrosis (Scarring)
  7. Tumors
  8. Terminal Disease                                                    

Conservation of energy is the greatest step toward health recovery. If you are ill, especially with cancer, you must rest everyday to provide your body with the cellular energy it needs to heal itself.  Digestion is the greatest energy-utilizer of the body, so lightening up in this area is a step in the right direction.  Locomotion also requires huge amounts of energy, and to accelerate healing, stay horizontal- (lay down); it is much harder to overcome cancer, etc., and maintain an outside job, or even be mobile in the upright position.  Spending cellular energy on ambulation robs it from cellular healing.  We are very much like an engine; we require fuel, we generate energy, and it is finite. Without cellular energy, (enervation), the body cannot keep itself healthy, We can readily see that the body is self-healing; when we cut ourselves, a scab forms, the scab falls off, and new skin is present underneath.  Not only that, the body has self-cleansing mechanisms too: tearing washes the eye; sneezing/coughing clears the respiratory tract; diarrhea cleans out the intestinal tract, and vomiting rids the body of what it considers harmful.  We must develop confidence that our bodies will always act in their own best interest, unless we debilitate them too much. Clearly, our organisms are self-healing, self-defending and self-cleansing.

Without ‘nerve energy’, (which is generated during sleep), the functions of the body cannot carry on properly.  This translates into cellular congestion, and if not reversed or removed, ‘toxemia’.  This poison- (a.k.a.- inflammation), in the system is the underlying cause of most disease.   When toxins accumulate beyond what the body can handle,(the 'body burden'), a ‘crisis’ occurs.  This crisis is actually a process that is eliminating the ‘poison’ through the mucus membrane of the organ in the area.  Remember, rest is a nutrient, and healing functions are accelerated during periods of rest.

The chain of events leading to disease is as follows:

  1. Stress (Environmental, daily habits)
  2. Strain (Physical, mental, emotional, environmental)
  3. Enervation (Loss of nerve energy)- Exhaustion
  4. Inefficient elimination (Lungs, bowels, kidneys, skin)
  5. Retention of waste products
  6. Toxemia (Disease reactions, acute crises, chronic and degenerative conditions, inflammation)

The kind of disease that each person will manifest is, in part, determined by their genetic makeup and by their own constitution, (being weak or vital).

Each of us must decide whether we will assist our body’s efforts to be well, (maintain homeostasis), or if we will thwart our body’s optimal functioning.  To a large extent, our health future is in our own hands; “Health Care is Self Care”.

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