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Nurse, Certified Colon-Hydrotherapist, Physiologic Linguist, Microbiome Optimizer

Nurses, who are also Certified Colonic Therapists, are a rare breed; in fact, Pamela is the only nurse, CCT in the Tri-state area. Pamela Gerry has been a nurse since 1975. She apprenticed as a colonic therapist in Boston in 1978, then took a refresher course to earn her certification as a CCT (Certified Colonic Therapist).

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“If people would take care of their body and cleanse their colon and intestines, their problems would be pretty much eliminated.”

-Dr. George C. Crile


“If people would take care of their body and cleanse their colon and intestines, their problems would be pretty much eliminated.” Dr. George C. Crile

From the 1890s to 1950, doctors and researchers knew about the importance of a clean colon and taught it in their practices. Here are some highlights of their work:


1892 – Dr. C.A. Herter links intestinal putrefaction to epilepsy in 31 patients.

1892 – Dr. G.R. Satterlle and W.W. Eldrigde report success with 518 cases of “mental symptoms” including loss of concentration, lack of confidence, excessive worry and irritability by eliminating intestinal toxemia in patients.

1900 – 1950

1902 – 1945 Edgar Cayce performs 14,256 psychic readings. 9000 are on the topic of health and of those 6235 are specifically about colon health. At one point Cayce says: “Keeping the colon clean is necessary for EVERY well-balanced body.”

1906 – After 23 years of observation Dr. D. Rochester of the University Of Buffalo School Of Medicine declares that “toxemia of gastrointestinal tract origin is the underlying cause of asthma.”

1909 – Dr. J.A. Stucky, MD reports “marked amelioration or entire relief” in “several hundreds” of sinus and ear disorders by eliminating intestinal toxins.

1913 – 57 leading researches and doctors meet in London before the Royal Society of Medicine to discuss alimentary toxemia. The 382 page report results is called “Death Begins in the Colon.”

It states that almost every known chronic disease is directly or indirectly due to the influence of more than 30 bacterial poisons that are absorbed from the intestines. These poisons accumulate because of poor eliminations from the colon.

1914 – Dr. C.W. Hawley, MD successfully treats many cases of eye disorders by relieving intestinal toxins.

1918 – Dr. T.M. Howell writes: “toxemia due to intestinal sepsis is a common cause of high blood pressure.”

1920s – Dr. John Harvey Kellog (of Kellog cereal fame) realizes that many diseases can be avoided by cleansing the bowel through the consumption of more fiber. He also finds that in the majority of cases, chronic constipation is curable without resorting to surgery.

1927 – After studying 109 cases of eczema Dr. J.F. Burgess from Montreal General Hospital reports: “On the basis of clinical observations and sensitivity tests against various amino acids and ptomaine bases, eczema is probably caused by intestinal toxemia.”

1929 – Dr P.I. Clark, MD writes: “Where there is perfect drainage, there is no death. Sanatology has pointed out and proven that a clean, wholesome human body, clean inside to the marrow of the bones as well as outside, has unlimited powers of resistance. It is utterly incapable of ‘catching’ any ‘disease.’”

1929 – Dr Arbuthnot Lane, one time personal surgeon to the King of England, writes that “constipation is the cause of all ills of civilization.” And “all maladies are due to the lack of certain food principles, such as mineral salts or vitamins, or to the absence of the normal flora. When this occurs, toxic bacteria invade the lower alimentary canal; the poisons generated pollute the blood stream and gradually deteriorate and destroy every tissue, gland and organ of the body.”

1930 – Dr. George C. Crile, one of the world’s leading surgeons says, “If people would take care of their body and cleanse their colon and intestines, their problems would be pretty much eliminated.”

1930 – Dr. William E Fitch reports success in treating headache, lassitude, anorexia, coated tongue, fatigue, weakness, insomnia and more with intestinal cleansing.

1939 – Dr. William Lintz reports successful treatment of 472 patients who suffered with allergies by cleansing the colon.

1942 – Dr. Anthony Bassler reports 100% success in eliminating cardiac arrhythmia by reducing intestinal toxemia.

1942 – Gastroenterologist Dr. Anthony Bassler writes: “Every physician should realize that the intestinal toxemias are the most important primary and contributing causes of many disorders and diseases of the human body.”

1950s to Present

After World War II, the profit motive entered the medical profession more than it had ever before. Capitalistic pharmaceutical companies took advantage of the “germ theory myth” to begin training doctors.

Simply put, these new doctors and medical researchers were not taught colon cleansing as a way to treat disease, in spite of all the previous success. Instead, they focused on developing new medicines to sell to the public and in specialized forms surgery to treat conditions that might have been treated through diet or lifestyle changes.

Even the very common hospital practice of giving an enema to most patients on arrival was abandoned after 1950.

Fortunately, the knowledge of colon cleansing did not disappear after the 1950s. Instead it was and is practiced, and perfected by several pioneering figures in the field of natural or holistic health.

1950s – 1970s Paul C. Bragg, the originator of health food stores throughout the U.S. teaches thousands about the miracles of fasting and cleansing. Bragg dies in a surfing accident in his 80s!

1970s – Bernard Jensen, ND, PhD has a 40% success rate in the treatment of leukemia through bowel management. Conventional medicine has 0% success. Later Jensen writes: “In the 50 years I’ve spent helping people to overcome illness, disability and disease, it has become crystal clear that poor bowel management lies at the root of most people’s health problems.” He practices into his 90s, curing himself of cancer at 88.

1979 – Norman Walker, PhD, the inventor of juicing, who treated and inspired countless patients and readers with fasting and cleansing writes: “There is no ailment, sickness or disease that will not respond to treatment quicker and more effectively than it will after the administration of a series of colon irrigations.” Walker writes and lectures into his 90s.

1982 – Present, Richard Anderson, ND pioneers herbal cleanses that release mucoid plaque and inspires over 150,000 people through his books on cleansing.

1985 – Linda Berry, D.C. and popular cleansing author, writes: “I believe that a toxic elimination system is the most common cause of ill health today, and the most dangerous. Fortunately it is also treatable.”

1987 – Dr. Jeffrey Bland publishes results of a rigorous 3 month clinical study of people on an internal cleanse regime at the prestigious Linus Pauling Institute. In all cases he finds a reduction of pathogenic bacteria, an increase in water soluble vitamin absorption and a decrease of undigested (rotting) protein in the bowel.

1993 – Hulda Regher Clark, N.D. publishes the ambitiously titled book, “The Cure for All Cancers” in which she explains the connection between cancer and the human intestinal fluke parasite (Fasciolopsis Buskii). Dr. Clark says that in every case of cancer she studied the patient had this same parasite. Her research shows that when you kill the flukes, cancer stops immediately and tissues become normal. Subsequently she publishes the “Cure for All Diseases” and “The Cure for HIV and AIDS.”

1995 – Sandra Duggan, R.N. and developer of the Edgar Cayce Colon Therapy Program writes: “You cannot expect to be healthy by fasting and following other health regimes without also having a properly functioning colon.”

2006 – David Jubb, PhD, leading microbiologist, writes:

“Gastrointestinal balance is important in remaining vital. Perhaps some 90% of all known systemic disease is due to or exacerbated by gastrointestinal dysbiosis. It can be said that auto-intoxication is a thousand-headed monster masquerading as a large group of symptomatic health challenges.” And “Disease comes from one root, and that is other than maintaining vital electrics and keeping cells clean and oxygenated. Disease is an acidic, toxic, hypoxic terrain.”

2007 – Edward F Group III, ND, a worldwide leader in colon cleansing with oxygen based cleansers states: “The colon is the gateway to health or disease.”

This article with complete references is available in the Lifetime Guide To Colon Health, a complete step-by-step guide to colon cleansing. Click on the highlighted text for details.

MD’s Endorse Colon Hydrotherapy

Dr. Leonard Smith:
Board Certified Gastrointestinal Surgeon Dr. Leonard Smith Endorses Colon Hydrotherapy:

Thirty years ago, Leonard Smith, MD, of Gainesville, Florida graduated from medical school and eventually became board certified in general surgery by the American College of Surgery. For more than twenty-five years, Dr. Smith has practiced as a specialist in gastrointestinal surgery. He has dealt with all types of colon difficulties, including operations for overcoming colon cancer, colon diverticulitis, appendicitis, hemorrhoids, and numbers of other internal organ health problems.

“I am very well acquainted with the colon’s functions, and my true belief is that colon hydrotherapy is the perfect cleansing medium for preparing the patient for colonoscopy. It’s a much better way of getting the human colon ready for an operation than having a patient swallow a gallon of that usual presurgery solution known as ‘Colon-Go-Lytely.’ Instead, colon hydrotherapy has the patient avoid this solution’s noxious side effects of vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramping, and other troubles,” Dr. Smith says.

“Moreover, seriously ill patients tend to be chronically constipated which results in generalized toxemia. It turns out that colon hydrotherapy is the gentlest and most effective treatment to take care of a sick person’s constipation problem. My recommendation for cancer patients is that they should under go frequent colon hydrotherapy procedures to make sure a colon’s toxic burden is being kept at a minimum while their bodies are trying to heal,” affirms Dr. Smith. “While not a substitute for eating a high fiber diet, those cancer patients who take colon hydrotherapy often experience the elimination of their aches and pains, improvement of appetite, and they tolerate a tough healing process better.”

“I also believe that normally healthy people will find it valuable to take colon hydrotherapy every couple of months in order to experience how well one feels when the colon is truly empty. It’s a fact that most people fail to fully evacuate the colon, something they don’t realize. People undergoing colon hydrotherapy on a prevention basis become quite surprised at how much waste is removed by the procedure,” Dr. Smith says.

“Without any reservation, I declare that my wish is to see it become an established procedure for many kinds of gastrointestinal problems. If medical centers, hospitals, and clinics installed colon hydrotherapy departments, they would find such departments just as efficacious for patients as their present treatment areas which are devoted to physiotherapy,” states Leonard Smith, M.D. “Such is my true belief, and I do endorse this therapeutic program.”

Dr. Sharda Sharma, M.D.:
Giving Colon Hydrotherapy is Standard Procedure for Sharda Sharma, M.D.:

Located in Millburn, New Jersey as a primary care physician for nearly twenty-six years, Sharda Sharma, M.D. dispenses medical care of a multi-disciplinary nature to her patients. Dr. Sharma employs colon hydrotherapy, chelation therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, Reiki manipulative therapy, and much more. She treats the body as a whole (holistically).

“I have trained and certified colon hydro therapists working as part of my staff. Under my supervision for the past year-and-a-half they have been rendering care for constipation, abdominal cramps, allergies, and a variety of other conditions, including ten patients with hepatitis C. These hepatitis patients respond to colon hydrotherapy and do well,” assures Dr. Sharma. “For instance, Mrs. Felicia, a forty-two-year-old high school teacher, had suffered with constipation – no bowel movements – for six days at a stretch. She was bloated, fatigued, lethargic, suffered from headaches and abdominal cramps. My treatment choice for her was enzyme supplements and colon hydrotherapy twice weekly for thirteen weeks. These treatments solved the constipation problem for Mrs. Felicia. She goes to the toilet as desired without having to sit there for long periods waiting, reading, meditating, or undergoing other mental or physical diversions.”

“Colon hydrotherapy is excellent as a treatment for the yeast syndrome. A very anxious fifty-year-old female, Mrs. Sara Audrey, consulted me because she was running to the toilet every two hours with either diarrhea or with attempting to find comfort from constipation. It turns out that she had irritable bowel syndrome complicated by candiasis. During the administration of colon hydrotherapy, I observed that Mrs. Audrey was loaded with Candida Albicans. I recognized the white yeast organisms floating through the transparent tube of my colon flushing device,” says Dr. Sharma. “But the patient is now in fine shape – much relived. She has good bowel movements twice daily with no gas. This is typical of almost all patients undergoing colon hydrotherapy.”

Dr. Robert Charm, M.D.:
A Gastroenterologist Prescribes Colon Hydrotherapy:

Board certified as a gastroenterologist from 1972, Robert Charm, M.D., of Walnut Creek, California, a clinical professor of medicine at the University of California, combines conventional allopathic medicine with CAM in his practice. He also continues to make house calls.

“I prescribe colon hydrotherapy by calling upon a superbly trained practitioner of the art in the San Francisco Bay area. She is a certified colon hydro therapist.

“Frequently while performing colonoscopy, I see that the patient is cleaned out from above, but below the diverticular still contain fecaliths, those small turds remaining in pockets formed on the gut mucosa. They indicate the presence of an unhealthy colon, and over 50 percent of Americans possess diverticulosis colae. When inflamed, gastroenterologists called them diverticulitis colae, which can be serious by creating fistulas. Some people will then poop through their bladders. Some women actually poop through their vagina,” Dr. Charm says. “With patients for whom I perform a colonoscopy, about one third of them over the age of fifty who are otherwise cleaned above, still show residual stools sitting in these gut mucosa pockets. Some have held onto the stool pockets for decades. A toxic dumpsite like this is dangerous for them by the elevated concentration of poisons stored in the dumpsite. Environmental cancer can develop!”

“A good cleanout by use of colon hydrotherapy is excellent treatment. Surely I recommend that people undertake colon hydrotherapy for themselves. Clean out the body’s pipes,” Dr. Robert Charm suggests. “And by all means, I prefer my patients to undergo colon hydrotherapy the morning of a colonoscopy. It’s a safe way to cleanse the gut. It’s a healing technique for the relief of irritable bowel syndrome with gas and bloating, chronic constipation, abdominal discomfort, and many other GI tract problems.”

“My patient, Fran Wilson, a former model, now age forty-one, the mother of two, was just too busy to go to the bathroom. She didn’t celebrate having a good bowel movement, which is the thinking in our society. For her, defecation was an annoyance. Fran labored under the mistaken illusion that pooping every three days was normal, and she came to me complaining of feeling fatigued, bloated and abdominally cramped. None of the various drug laxatives had been doing the job for her,” explains Dr. Charm. “Rather, these drug-like laxatives were depleting Fran of her potassium. The psyllium seed, fiber, and other natural agents did not work either. Therefore, I recommended that she undertake a series of colon hydrotherapies and the drinking of more water. This cleared up her discomforts remarkably fast despite her lifetime of bad habits.”

“The lesson to learn is that when one gets the urge to move, you must do so. Being too busy in our society to give in to the need to defecate is wrong. Find a way,” advises Dr. Robert Charm. “Some people don’t poop enough! Let’s get people thinking about eating and pooping. If these don’t occur together, colon hydrotherapy should be employed.”

Dr. James P. Carter, M.D., Dr.P.H.:
Colon Hydrotherapy is used by James P. Carter, M.D., Dr.P.H.:

“After conducting a comprehensive digestive stool analysis on any patient suspected of having dysbiosis (poor intestinal hygiene), I attempt to wipe the bowel clean by prescribing colon hydrotherapy once a week times three. In my medical practice, I employ a registered nurse on staff to administer these treatments,” says James P. Cater, M.D., Dr.P.H., M.S., of Mandeville, Louisiana. Dr. Cater is Professor and Head of the Nutrition Section at Tulane University School of Medicine.

“Also I use colon hydrotherapy as part of an overall detoxification program, and it may be combined with treatment from above as with drinking Epsom salts, but both are not taken on the same day,” he advises. “It promotes the second stage of liver detoxification to cause dissolved poisons to come out in the bile as a solvent. The patient’s washout at least once a week from below is adjunctive with the Epsom salts.”

“Colon hydrotherapy is an excellent detoxifier for the overindulgence of alcohol drinking and drug addictions of all kinds. Residues of drugs and other agents in the tissues are eliminated with colon hydrotherapy,” states Dr. James P. Cater. “It takes away any desire to use drugs or imbibe in alcoholic beverages. Colon hydrotherapy should be part of nearly any addict’s therapeutic regimen.”

Arthur E. Brawer, MD

Maintaining a rheumatology practice for the past twenty-four years in Long Branch, New Jersey, Arthur E. Brawer, MD, is an enthusiastic proponent of colon hydrotherapy for a variety of health problems. He cites this treatment in his recently published consumer book, Holistic Harmony.

“Silicon breast implant exposure which results in disease symptoms responds very well to colon hydrotherapy. I am in the center of this silicone breast implant controversy by having consulted with over 500 women from around the world for the toxic environmental exposure caused by such implantation. I’ve given testimony as an expert witness before the United States Congress on this issue along with advising the Department of Health and Human Services, the FDA, and consultants to the President, the Vice-President, the Director of Women’s Health at the White House, and the United Nations. I use colon hydrotherapy for the treatment of such silicone toxicity, since it does work to chelate silicone out of the body,” states Dr. Brawer.

“Let me explain. From day one of implantation, silicone micro-molecules disperse throughout the body because the pore size (the porosity) of the envelope or shell enclosing the implant is larger than most of the silicone molecules contained inside. Thus, the disease symptoms derived from silicone toxicity is not dependent on envelope rupture. Symptoms begin immediately! In other words, the molecules of silicone travel through the membrane osmotically and become micro-dispersed throughout the body by means of the lymphatic system,” explains Dr. Brawer.

“Now realize that the connective tissue or collagen in each person’s body requires silicone as an essential component in order to provide the body with proper architectural structure such as for tendons, ligaments, nerve sheathes, and everything else. Silicone makes up the glue which holds the skin together, gives substance to the organs, act as regulators, signal transmitters, and so forth. It functions as an integral part of metabolism and physiology. Thus, all tissues are dependent on silicone as an essential ingredient,” Dr. Brawer says. “But given in excess as a leaking silicone breast implant, there is only one place the excess may be dumped or stored by the body – – into its connective tissue. When that happens a whole litany of complaints occur: joint pains, dry eyes, fatigue, memory lapses, skin rashes and pigmentations, chest pain, muscle aches, drug intolerance, odor and smell sensitivity to hair sprays, room fresheners, deodorants, and more.

“So the silicone molecules become stuck in the body’s glue, and they cannot be removed by use of medications, supplemental nutrients or diet. Only certain techniques may be applied to detoxify the body: Colon hydrotherapy is perhaps the best way and also working as detoxifiers are Ayurvedic medicine, hyperthermia, steam baths, saunas, oxygen therapy, and the energy-based therapies such as Reiki therapy and Qigong. Any dietary approach has to be more an exclusionary basis – take the patient off of processed foods and have them eat organic,” confirms Dr. Brawer. “But of all the treatments for symptoms coming from silicone breast implants, colon hydrotherapy I find to be one of the mainstays that offer relief.

Conditions Responding to Colon Hydrotherapy

Cited by Rheumatologist Arthur E. Brawer

“Colon hydrotherapy eliminates from the bowel the repository of accumulated waste material which may disadvantageously get absorbed. If this absorption takes place, it overwhelms the other purification organs such as the liver, the kidneys, the skin, and the lungs. The toxin deposition which becomes lodged throughout the body’s tissues and cells becomes capable of triggering a variety of illnesses,” says rheumatologist Dr. Arthur E. Brawer. “There are lots of them. Some disease indications for colon hydrotherapy responding well are:

Attention Deficit Disorder
Body Odor
Brittle Hair
Brittle Nails
Chest Pain
Chronic Fatigue
Cold Hands & Feet

Irritable Bowel
Joint Aches
Memory Lapses
Mouth Sores
Multiple Sclerosis
Muscle Pain
Peptic Ulcer

Peripheral Neuropathies
Poor Posture
Pot Belly
Skin Rashes
Spastic Colon
Toxic Environmental Exposure
Toxic Occupational Exposure

The above information was received from the Awareness Institute for Wellness & Education.

At the Health Lyceum, (from the Greek, meaning “school”; Aristotle established “The Lyceum” around 335 BC in Athens, where it remained one of the great centers of learning for centuries,) we recognize that our bodies are self-cleansing, self-healing, and self-defending. We also understand that “Health Care is Self Care”; that true vitality and well-being are developed by living in accordance with our inherent needs; by taking good care of ourselves!

The primary focus of our teaching is nutritional; reviewing the dietary landscape in the USA today, one can quickly become confused and concerned. We strive to share tested and true information regarding how to best provide ‘mega’ nutrition to the human organism, how to identify and avoid anti-nutrients, and to navigate through the maze of ‘propaganda’ that constantly bombards us . Eating health-promoting, nutrient-dense food is essential, but if our systems can’t absorb the nutrients we ingest, it is all for naught. Therefore, another primary goal of the Health Lyceum is to assist clients to evaluate their own digestive capabilities, and to guide them in correcting any perceived mal-functioning.

In an effort to insure the best overall outcome, we use certain tools to help our bodies maintain homeostasis; that condition of physiologic stability and balance they were created to sustain, which today fewer and fewer people manifest. We may employ the use of colon hydrotherapy to facilitate the body’s cleansing and absorbing mechanisms. We put great emphasis on the the importance of ingesting chlorophyll-rich foods on a daily basis, especially in the form of “Green Smoothies”, all-natural blends made of produce found in any grocery store, or foraged off the land. We know that the body acts in its own best interest. For example, when you cut yourself, you bleed, a scab forms, then falls off, and underneath is new skin to replace the damaged. This whole process is part of the homeostatic mechanism, and doesn’t stop with cuts and broken bones, but can be relied upon to heal many common maladies, as long as we don’t thwart its efforts. This is one of the biggest health problems we face as a society- we have been taught to ‘remedy’ all ‘symptoms’ that the body presents. We urge all to shed this mindset and embrace the possibility that ‘symptoms’ are the body’s effort to tell us something is ‘wrong’, and the best way for us to assist the body to do what it knows how to do well, (heal itself), is to get out of the way ! One of the most recurring presentations we see is the client who is bloated, tired, constipated and craving carbohydrates. Because today in the USA, we have a ‘Silent Epidemic’ of “Dysbiosis”, (commonly manifested as “Candidiasis”,) we routinely screen everyone through questionnaire, to rule out the likelihood of that being an underlying issue.

It is now understood that inflammation is the response the body gives to systemic acidity, stasis and surgery/injury scars. Imagine a sparkling stream cascading down the side of a mountain; cool, crisp, clean, drinkable; contrast that with a small pond in the middle of a yard–stagnant, full of scum and algae. The primary difference here is movement, or fluidity. Increased pathogenic activity from stagnation leads to inflammation. Inflammation is the cause of all pain, and sets the stage for chronic stasis,- developing areas of the body that are out of the loop- not receiving nourishment, oxygen, nor able to emit waste materials. This problematic cellular development can be improved through many modalities that encourage movement in the area, including massage, herbal cleanses, colon hydrotherapy, bariatric treatments, bio-oxidative therapies, ozonation, chelations, fasting, etc.

Our goal at the Health Lyceum is to teach people how to keep themselves well through lifestyle choices, and to help to set them free from ‘systems’; to teach all how to be their own best ‘health care provider’.