What to Expect

Colonic irrigation is a scary thought for most people. In actuality, it is usually not uncomfortable at all. Most folks leave the office after treatment, and say not only do they feel great, “it was nothing like I imagined it might be.”

Your CHT session will take place in a private sanitized room, where you are discreetly draped. You will have on a pair of boxer shorts backwards, plus your own clothes from the waist up. A polar fleece blanket will cover you, and you’ll enjoy the warmth of hot rocks wrapped in terry cloth under your feet.

You may elect to listen to soothing music provided, or bring your own favorite CD. Some prefer to just chat or enjoy silence.

A typical session lasts 45 minutes, but may go for up to an hour, or, be finished in 30 minutes, depending on the condition of the contents of your colon, which is hard to determine before the session begins. Regular clients who come in on a monthly basis, are typically finished within 25-30 minutes. Folks who have been consuming the Standard American Diet for many years, may not have much of a release during their initial treatment, even if it lasts an hour, but may require a series of colonics to accomplish removal of the hardened material that has built up over time. (Study the effects of an acidic physiology.)

Since 1975, Pam has been working with the public regarding health-related issues. She has learned to help you to feel comfortable and relaxed while in her care.

We may use gentle abdominal massage to assist the colon to release its contents. Some clients like to perform this maneuver on themselves, while others prefer to forego this option. Deep breathing is used to assist the body at this time, and aromatherapy is another tool that may be employed to stimulate peristalsis, the colon’s natural wavelike motions. Foot reflexology, as well as lymphatic pressure point therapies are used to provoke intestinal releases as well.

You are ‘in charge’ of the session, and should you feel uncomfortable for any reason, you may simply request that it stop, or that you spend some time in the bathroom moving along the products in the colon that have been loosened by irrigation up to that point. When you are ready, we will continue the session. Your private bathroom is attached to the treatment area.

If your colon has a lot of gas in it, you may experience mild, transient cramping. You can prevent having gas in your colon to a great extent by chewing each mouthful of your food at least 20 times. Also, not drinking with your meals insures that complete digestion will take place and minimizes the likelihood that fermentation and bloating will occur. (Drinking at meal time dilutes the hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes that will act upon the food. Weak acids/enzymes cannot perform optimally.) Also, many, if not most, people benefit from following the rules of Food Combining:


We use the Aquanet EC 2000 colonic irrigation machine. This device is German engineered, and FDA and UL approved.

Not only does it triple filter the irrigating water, it sanitizes itself during and after each use. It’s safety features include a water pressure lock that will not allow infusing water to reach above 2 psi. Your treatment will include the use of a disposable rectal speculum with disposable water and waste lines. The Aquanet is a ‘closed’ colonic system, which means that it is closed to the air, and all evacuating material is contained within patent tubing, so that there is no mess or odor.

Fruits and Veggies Help Prepare the Colon for Hydrotherapy

This “out-dated” knowledge is ridiculed by many mainstream sources, (particularly of the ilk of ‘Quackwatch’), but, when applied, has demonstrated consistent effects that have changed countless lives. Trying it costs nothing, and may remedy your after-eating tummy aches and bloating.

Generally, in all human activity, we reap what we sow, and this is true regarding a colon hydrotherapy session.

If you are plagued with gas often, this is an indication that your system in unbalanced, microbially, (there’s a lot of fermentation going on), and that the need for intervention exists. A healthy bacterial balance can be regained using all natural supplements, and the Health Lyceum sees so many instances of this issue, we are prepared to guide you out of the condition of “dysbiosis” that is now epidemic in our country.

If you have sluggish elimination, the solution may be as simple as increasing your daily water intake (other liquids don’t count). Keep 12-14 oz. of water on your nightstand, and drink it immediately upon awakening in the morning. Often, this cascades to jumpstart your system. Also, training your colon by going into the bathroom even when you feel no ‘urge’ can be effective. First thing in the morning and last thing at night, sit on the potty and do some deep breathing; the breath is very connected to the colon ‘letting go’. (Colon is partly striated muscle fiber, and muscle tissue relaxes when we unwind using deep-breathing exercises and intentional relaxation techniques. Be a ragdoll…go limp and relax all muscles.) Usually, within 5 minutes, a colo-rectal reflex will be felt, and the urge to evacuate will develop. Doing this exercise daily, morning and evening, will train the colon to empty at these intervals. The body is very cyclical, and can be easily trained to develop a rhythm. The colo-rectal reflex also presents within 20-60 minutes after eating or drinking anything. Be aware of the subtle urge to ‘move’, and answer the call immediately, or risk training your colon to ‘hold’ back material. So many of us have trained our colons to not ‘move’, unintentionally. You may also try tapping on the top of your head, (EFT movement that has shown effect), and/or raising both arms up above your head and stretching them. (This moves the abdominal muscles and can cause stimulation of colon contents.)