Pamela will provide all the equipment necessary for a relaxing, detoxifying experience. Whether you are a “Health Nut” coming in for your monthly sesison, or someone who prefers to never again do the dreaded Colonoscopy Prep, the Health Lyceum can assist you as you seek to secure the best colonic care available in the New England area.

Colon-hydrotherapy is the perfect final touch for anyone doing a cleanse of any kind. After herbs and supplements, juicing or periods of fasting do their work, irrigating the colon assists the body to release all the products ‘dumped’ during the cleanse. Anyone doing a fungal cleanse immediately appreciates the benefit of rinsing the dead yeast out of the system, minimizing the possibility of die-off reaction.

If you sense you are ‘coming down with something’, colon-hydrotherapy – (CHT) – can evacuate the old material in the colon that would otherwise serve as a breeding ground for the invading pathogens; can stop a process in its tracks.

Health maintenance programs that include regular CHT sessions, as well as other modalities employed by “Health Nuts”, serve to enable the body to work at its peak performance.

Folks with digestive complaints notice that the GI tract often ‘settles down’ immediately after a CHT session. Those with chronic constipation can find no better tool to assist them to strengthen and train their colons back to regular performance. While it may seem logical to believe that using CHT will cause one to become dependent on it, just the opposite is true; when we go to the gym and pump our muscles, we strengthen them; infusing water and releasing it repeatedly over a 45 minute period, is like taking the colon to the gym. As the water gently stretches the striated muscle fiber in the wall of the colon, that fiber then relaxes as soon as the water is released. This “pumping” action serves to improve performance by increasing muscle tone of the colon. Regular clients report improved function using CHT.

For those with compromised livers, CHT greatly assists the liver to purge itself. As the colon de-congests during a session, the hepatic vessels allow the liver to ‘dump’ bile, as seen by the therapist as brightly colored yellow, green or orange fluid. This waste material removes dead cells, spent tissue and filtrates from the liver.

· Chemotherapy patients have less nausea and fatigue while using CHT concurrently, as the ‘body burden’ is lightened, while all the organs and systems have, collectively, much less to process metabolically. Lymphatic vessels dump into the colon and irrigation stimulates and assists lymph circulation.· Chronic low back ache has been relieved when an impacted colon is evacuated completely, thus removing pressure from surrounding spinal nerves. Sinuses may begin to drain immediately after a session, as the hydraulic pressure in the system shifts, and can initiate drainage throughout the body.· Marathon runners and serious athletes report achieving their best performances post-CHT treatment.· For those with diverticulosis, there is no more effective method available to wash the fecaliths from the haustra. (The fecal bits from the colonic folds.) Many MD’s are now advising patients to use CHT to reverse this situation before it develops into diverticulitis.

Colonic Irrigation/ Colonoscopy Prep

A Colon-hydrotherapy (CHT) session lasts about 45 minutes. If you are a regular client, the condition of your colon will be well-hydrated, and intentionally cared for, so you will likely evacuate within 20- 35 minutes. If this will be your first session, one of three things will happen:

· Nothing – This typically happens to people who have sluggish, infrequent elimination. (Once every 2-3 weeks…) This is the result when the colon is so dehydrated, congested, and full of gas, that the entire session is used just trying to bring the contents of the colon to the ‘saturation’ point, by irrigating, filling and releasing water for 45 minutes. Once the saturation point is achieved….

· Partial evacuation – During a CHT session, there is a process that takes place regarding the effect the water – (solvent) – has on the stool. If you have fairly regular elimination, you will likely see a “meltdown”- evidence that the water is affecting the contents of the colon- by noticing changes in the appearance of the waste water. First, the water will begin to turn tan, then brown, then darker brown, and bits of ‘debris’ will begin to appear. You may see “boulders”- (rounded chunks of stool that have been in the colon for a longer time and have had their liquid content drawn out, compacting them, and causing them to take on the rounded shape, rather than a ‘log’ shape- the presentation of stool that is transiting in a timely fashion), or the ‘logs’- the shape that indicates well-hydrated, moving material. Depending on the condition of your colon, you may achieve….

· Complete evacuation – the goal of a CHT session is to make it all the way through the 4-5 feet of accumulated stool. We will know if we accomplish this by ‘reading the water’- noticing if we see ‘flaky food’ and both colored and clear ‘mucus’ toward the end of the session. Both are endemic in the “Home Stretch”; the ileo-cecal region of the large intestine. The irrigating water cannot go any further than this because the ileo-cecal valve is a “one-way” valve. When complete evacuation is achieved, it is common to see bile releasing as the liver purges itself. This is an added benefit of CHT, as there are not many ways to assist the liver to clean itself, but as it detects a change in the pressure of the colon, it ‘lets down’, via its hepatic vessel connection, and purges spent cells, old tissue and filtrates that have accumulated. For those with compromised liver function, CHT is a tool that is totally unappreciated. Coupled with therapeutic juicing, the regeneration possibilities are unsurpassed. (The liver does regenerate in optimal conditions. )

Colonoscopy Prep

Please watch this 3 minute video that details CHT for Colonoscopy preparation:

It is a great tool to share with your doctor to make him/her aware of the efficiency and excellent visualization provided by this type of treatment.

To insure that clients do “clean out” the day of their colonoscopy, a trial run CHT session is scheduled before your actual colonoscopy appointment. If you have poor results, it is necessary to schedule a series of CHT sessions- (often 3) – to get the colon into the condition that will respond completely on the appointed colonoscopy day. (You will also be instructed regarding what other factors contribute to a well-hydrated colon.) If you achieve complete evacuation on your trial run, then you are a known quantity and able to schedule your pre-colonoscopy prep the day of your colonoscopy appointment, allowing only travel time in between. This is a “win-win” situation for patients and doctors; patients no longer have to be tied to their bathroom for 12 hours during the dreaded laxative prep, and doctors report “excellent visualization” from CHT prepping.



It is reported that humans are composed of 20% cells, and 80% microbes.

Many of the symptoms we present with are caused by an imbalance in the composition of the bacterial component. Due to many years of antibiotics being over-prescribed, most people are living in a state of “dysbiosis”, a chronic condition that disrupts most of the systems of the body, but primarily, the digestive system. Pamela will help you identify these symptoms, and teach you how you can regain “homeostasis “, (correct balance), using diet, probiotics and anti-fungal agents, all naturally derived, and non-toxic.

Initial Visit – New Clients

A colonic irrigation (45-60 minutes), with a health consult given before the procedure – $175.

Colon Hydrotherapy Session for Returning Clients

A colonic irrigation (~45 minutes) – $90

Fees includes a solution of electrolytes post-colonic, as well as all disposable equipment, and hot rocks wrapped in terry cloth under your feet for relaxation.

Pamela is certified to operate the Aquanet EC 2000 colonic irrigation instrument.

For more information about the Aquanet EC 2000: