To help the contents of your colon be ready to ‘let go’ when you come in, please do as many of these suggestions as you can daily.

Chew each mouthful of food 25 times before swallowing.

To minimize bloat factor: wait 1 hour after eating before drinking any liquid. (Diluted gastric juices are not effective, and food sits in a puddle and ferments- the bio-chemical process of carbon dioxide/ gas development.)

Slather Castor oil over intestinal area; cover with old towel, (it stains), cover with heating pad and relax x 45 mins. – daily if possible.  This loosens impacted old stool, and reduces inflammatory responses in colonic mucosa. It helps the area to ‘quiet down’.

If you have a hand-held massage unit, massage your intestinal area to ‘break up’ any impacted areas.  If you feel sensitivity, zero in on that spot; it’s either a gas bubble or old, hard stool.  If you feel pain, stop the process.

DiJu – 10 pellets per meal- Dissolves old impacted stool; assists in eliminating more stool per movement.

(Some people need 2 per meal, and some need 30; we start and 10 and you can titrate yourself up or down as needed.)

If you have a juicer, celery juice- the mineral salts in the celery make it an excellent stool mover.  If no juicer, eat a stalk of celery every other day, and on the other days, eat an apple.  The fiber in the celery ‘sweeps’ the colon, and the pectin in the apple softens all.

If you can do this, it mechanically assists tremendously- Lift up the seat on the toilet and squat on the rim.

To move gas- “Gas Trick’ – bring a bar stool or chair into bathroom and place in front of you while sitting on the potty. Place your forearms on the stool and rest your head on your forearms. Breathe deeply, accentuating the exhale- to the complete end of the exhale; the colon goes flaccid, and you should feel ‘putt, putt, putt’ as gas leaves.  The stool that was being held back by gas will descend and an urge will be felt. Gas doesn’t get the blame it deserves….

Hydration- not gigantic amounts; just be conscious of drinking water now and then.

Avoid sugar-  Makes our internal functionings very ‘sticky’….

If constipated- Vit C- 1,000 mg every 2 hours while awake- this is a major anti-inflammatory agent and stimulates colon action when done at this dosing.


Effects of dehydration –

Because roughly 60% of people who come to the Health Lyceum have underlying fungal issues, we ask everyone to peruse this questionnaire, and answer it if there seems to be a connection between your symptoms and the info mentioned:

The actual prep for CHT has taken place over your lifetime, and the condition you currently find yourself in, reflects all that.
Drink sufficient water EVERY DAY.

It is typically recommended to drink at least one quart of water a day.

If you have decided to live an intentional, health promoting lifestyle, CHT is perhaps the fastest way to segue into that change. Not only will CHT hydrate tissue that benefits from added liquid, (our bodies are roughly 66% fluid, and that decreases incrementally with each year; so putting some back is beneficial, unless you are a CHF patient), it will also provide the only approach available that ‘washes’ the haustra, (folds) of the colon, removing bits of fecal material that can become lodged, causing the beginnings of diverticulosis.

See endorsement by Board Certified MD: